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No matter how you ride, we have the bikes and gear to get you rolling.

Since 1985

Michael's Bicycles has cared for the cycling needs of the Conejo Valley since 1985. We are the area’s exclusive distributor of Trek and Specialized bicycles as well as carrying Electra, FIT BMX, Redline, and more. Come visit!

We look forward to impressing you with our #1-In-Service family shop.


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Try an E-Bike!

Riding an e-bike is a joyful experience that combines convenience and adventure. Quiet, responsive pedal-assist motors makes pedaling easier and allows riders to cover longer distances with less effort.  The extended range of e-bikes opens up new routes and opportunities for exploration, expanding your horizons. Whether you're commuting, touring, or mountain biking, e-bikes foster a healthy lifestyle while offering smiles, fun, and opportunities for socializing, creating a delightful and fulfilling experience.

Lifetime Free Tune-ups

When you purchase from us!

No time limit. We have customers getting Free Tune-Ups on bikes they bought 30 years ago! When you bring your bicycle to us, our friendly, professionally trained technicians will give your bicycle a free inspection and minor adjustment of gears, brakes, spokes, lubrication, air, and safety check.