We are proud to sponsor our own State Champion, Tyler Weyman, on a Trek Top Fuel. Tyler is the top rider for Newbury Park High School team, as well as the top junior for the Michael's Bicycles Stonehaus Trek Race Team.

MICHAEL'S BICYCLES: What is your favourite local trail to ride?

TYLER: My favourite trail would have to be either Lizard Rock in Wildwood, or Space Mountain in NP.


MB: What bike do you currently ride, and what do you like about it?

T: I currently ride a Trek Slash 9.9 for Enduro, and a Trek Top Fuel 9.9 for Cross Country. Both of my bikes are super light and fast, and I love the way they handle and decend. That's a huge thing for me.

Thanks, Tyler!

Read more on Tyler at: http://www.stonehaustrekracing.com/#!tyler-weyman/qyx39